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Garage Door Opener

Garage Door OpenersSince not all garages are the same or used in the same manner, Unique Garage Door Services stocks a wide range of new and replacement garage door opener manufactured by several different reputable companies, as well as a wide variety of different garage opener replacement parts.

We offer same-day repair of garage door opener and garage doors at our Hollywood FL location – call us day or night, all through the years and if it can be done, our honest and dependable technicians will fix it right away!

From our many years of wide experience repairing, maintaining and installing garage door opener in residential and commercial properties in the Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, Hialeah, Hollywood, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Southern Florida area, we can guarantee that all of the new and replacement products we install are safe, secure and durable, can withstand harsh weather and other adverse conditions and with proper maintenance will offer many years of extended satisfactory service.

If your Garage Door Opener can’t be Repaired…

The type of new garage door opener that you decide to install depends on many circumstances:

  • How often will your garage door be opened and closed?
  • Are you specifically looking for a quiet mechanism?
  • Do you require your garage door to open manually or automatically?
  • Do you require a remote opener or a push button opener?
  • How many lights and what type of lighting do you require?
  • Do you require battery back up?

Your answers to these questions will enable us to clarify which type of drive mechanism and horse-power motor would be most appropriate for your circumstances, as well as the type of control system that will work best for your needs. Call now at our Hollywood FL location.

We offer Solutions for Garage Door Opener:

  • Quiet belt drive openers for garages under bedrooms or that share a wall with your living space
  • Heavy duty chain drive mechanisms that offer perhaps the longest lasting and most reliable performance, but are not so quiet.
  • Screw Drive Type Garage Door Opener that will always perform efficiently, even in the most extreme of temperatures
  • Wall Mount Openers that mount on to the side wall and so free up ceiling space.
  • Optional back up power supply so that your door keeps opening even when the electricity fails.
  • Different levels of remote control and smart remote control
  • Single lighted button control
  • Triple button control
  • Motion detected opening
  • Smart control panels
  • Different levels and numbers of light

Unique Garage Door Opener Services in Hollywood FL will be pleased to discuss you garage door opener needs with you and to offer a free estimate for our repair, maintenance and installation services.

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