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Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation in Hollywood FL - Unique Garage Door Services
When you need a new garage door installed, do not hesitate to call Unique Garage Door Services. Whether you need a new door installed because your current garage door is just too old, or you accidentally rammed into your garage door by pressing the gas instead of the breaks in your car, we have you covered. Our garage door installation service is top notch. We have seasoned professionals with years of experience, all the necessary tools and parts, and our prices are extremely affordable.

Measurements and Ordering of your Garage Door

Before the garage door installation in Coconut Creek even begins, we have to measure the entrance of the garage door to know the size of the door that we need to order. While doing this, we will ask you some specific questions about the type of door that you want us to install. Things like what color would you like the door to be, what style you want it to me in, and if you would like any modifications on the door like insulation. Once we have all of that information written down, we can go ahead and order you door and set a time and date for us to begin the installation.

Garage Door Installation

When the date comes for us to install your new garage door, we make sure that the door we have is the same one that you ordered. Once that is confirmed, we will come to you and begin working. The first thing we need to do is disassemble your old garage door, which may take about 30 minutes. Once the old door is cleared and we have the opening, we begin to install your new door. We start off by installing the railing for the door and then laying down the panels. After that, we make sure the springs are tensioned as necessary and attach the cables to the pulleys to help lift the door. After this is done, your new door is complete.

Modification of your Garage Door

There are certain things you can do to modify your new garage door that we can complete during the installation. You may order a particular type of molding to go along with your garage door. If you want to keep your garage cool in the summer and warm in the winters, you should highly consider having insulation installed. Keep in mind you can actually order panels that are already factory insulated. If you would like a new opener installed to go along with your new garage door, we can assemble that as well.

Inspection of the Garage Door Installation

Once your new garage door is up and complete, the job is not done. We need to check that the job was finished correctly so we will not have to return a second time. We will make sure that the opening is completely sealed and that the door is functioning properly. An important thing to do is to check that the springs have the right amount of tension on them. Anyone can do this, just detach the opener from the door, lift the garage door by hand, and if the door stays up without you needing to hold it up, that means that there is enough tension on the springs.

To have the team at Unique Garage Door Services install you a new garage door, do not hesitate to call. Customer service is essential to us, and we take pride in our affordable, competitive prices. Call now!

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