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Commercial Garage Doors

Unique Commercial Garage Doors Repair Services has been servicing, maintaining, repairing and installing numerous makes of commercial garage doors in the Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Pompano Beach, Hialeah, Hollywood, and Southern Florida area for many years and has the experienced and expert personnel to do the job right, first time, every time.

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Commercial Garage Doors Repair Important Facts

Unique Commercial Garage Doors Repair located in Hollywood FL stocks a wide range of range of commercial garage door motors, mechanisms and hardware, including:

  • Vertical, horizontal and curved hangar racks and rails,
  • Glass and clear acrylic replacement window lites
  • Replacement steel sections and panels
  • Hinges and rollers
  • Upper and bottom brackets
  • Cable Drums
  • Cables, torsion springs and other replacement hardware and mechanisms
  • Operators, accessories, and complementary special products

Commercial Garage Doors Repair Hollywood FloridaWe also have the knowledge and diverse experience to advise you on how best to select the right type of new or replacement commercial garage door for your specific business application.

We are familiar with all of Hollywood FL Building Code regulations and can recommend the most appropriate types of commercial garage doors to install that can withstands strong winds, hurricanes, tropical storms and are generally resistant to other types of severe weather events.

All of the commercial garage doors we install are guaranteed to be safe, reliable, durable, and energy efficient.

Hollywood FL Unique Commercial Garage Doors Repair Services

However, there are other questions you need to consider before deciding which commercial door to install, including:

  • The height and width you need – 7 or 8 foot high is standard. Remember to bear in mind the space that the operating mechanisms and door tracks will take up.
  • Do you want an overhead, rolling steel or full view aluminum commercial garage door?
  • What gauge steel or aluminum do you need (the lower the number the stronger the metal)?
  • Do you require it to be insulated or non-insulated?
  • Do you need a custom engineered model?
  • Do you need some other kind of speciality doors
  • What sort of opening mechanism will work best for you – manual or motor operated?
  • How often will the door be opened and closed – this is important to know to decide on the type and strength of spring mechanism that is most appropriate for your purposes?
  • What about the aesthetics of your door – is there a specific look that you prefer?
  • What colour finish would you like?

Please take a few moments to browse the selection of commercial garage doors we display below in our product gallery.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call at our Hollywood FL location– our customer service team at Unique Garage Door Services will be delighted to advise. Just phone 800.972.8170 and we will assist you right away.

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