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If you’re looking for the latest trends in home accessibility and security, look no further than wi-fi garage door openers.

These smart garage door controllers work harmoniously with your phone and other smart home devices to provide a number of conveniences. Let’s take a look at some of the specific ways your smart garage door opener can improve your quality of life.

Wi-fi Connected Garage Doors Have Car Sensors

It’s a simple bit of convenience, but a wi-fi garage door will handle opening and closing automatically when you arrive. The connection can either track your location via your smartphone’s GPS functionality, or sense when your car or phone connects locally to the network.

This provides added security and functionality by allowing you to remotely control your door from anywhere. Your garage door won’t open unless you control it do so.

Protect Your Online Orders and Deliveries

Unfortunately, many homeowners struggle with packages being stolen when left outside their door. Some delivery agents are working with these stores to create secure delivery programs.

Your wi-fi garage door can send push notifications alerting you when delivery drivers are attempting to make a delivery. You can remotely open and close the door to allow them to secure your package behind the garage door. You no longer need to worry about losing parcels.

Keep an Eye on Your Home

Many wi-fi garage door openers come equipped with video cameras. This can help you keep a close eye when your home gets unexpected traffic. You can get a quick notification that a delivery driver is near, or if friends or family find themselves locked out.

The ability to remotely see and control your garage door gives you immediate control over your home security. You’ll be able to restrict access to the door and have an opportunity to notify the authorities should you notice any suspicious activity.

Integrate Everything with Alexa, Google, and Siri

Many garage door openers can integrate with your other forms of home automation. Models that integrate with your smartphone, for example, can open and control your garage door via voice control commands.

The MyQ App works with most smart devices, whereas Nexx Garage remote openers is compatible with Google Home and Alexa. Take care to research a model that works well with the home system you have in place already. Wireless access and control to your door no matter where you are is just an added layer of convenience and security.

Smart Garage Door Openers with Unique Garage Door Services

If you’re ready to move into the future with wireless garage door automation, give Unique Garage Door Services a call. We provide a wide array of repair and installation services, and all of our work is guaranteed. There’s no business that takes more pride in the quality and security of your garage door than us.

For any questions you have about your garage door opener options, call Unique Garage Door Services today at (954)-703-4054 for more information

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