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Although a garage has multiple purposes, it doesn’t mean that it can’t also be aesthetically pleasing. Customers like having their style shine through many aspects of their life. Having creative control over the garage of their house is a small part of their life but crucial nonetheless. We are the needle in the haystack of garage door services. Unique became chosen for our name for a reason, and our testimonials can back it up tenfold.


Custom Doors

Unique Garage Door Services offers over 100 different designs with stained or painted wood finishes, window styles, and any other bells and whistles that can accentuate your garage. If nothing from our selection catches your eye, we will design the door you need for your residence mainly catered to you.Palm Beach Garage Door We offer a range of stains and varnishes for wood finishes providing a vast selection, and if that doesn’t fancy your interest, we also provide a variety of paint colors that can become matched according to the colors of the rest of your residence. From that point, we decide together if you would like to install windows along the top of the door, and if it pleases you, insulation on the interior. Our polystyrene insulation is elected for residential properties and designed with energy efficiency and comfort in mind. Insulation will help keep the hot or cold air in your house and cut down on utility costs.


Speaking of costs, Unique Garage Door Services offers a low competitive rate in South Florida. Across the board, we offer free repair garage door estimates for ALL of our services, and if you can find another company that is as reputable as we are with a lower price, we will do everything we can to match them or beat it. Unique Garage Door Services offers specials that you may not find amongst our competition. Including a once a month repair service to seniors and seasonal specials to all of our garage owners. We want to prevent any issues during the seasons of the most differential climate change. We’re a firm believer in you get what you pay for. Therefore, we will never recommend a repair or new equipment of anything unless we feel it is necessary. Plus, whatever compromise we come to, we will provide a fair rate for every service.

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