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We all focus too much on our front gate and its aesthetics, forgetting all about the rear garage door. Though the entry gate plays a significant role in creating our house’s first impression, the garage door plays an equally important part in keeping our home and loved ones safe. 

Therefore, you must get a garage door that can ensure maximum security for your house. There are various garage doors available, but here we discuss the five most popular types that anyone who owns a garage or plans to have one must know about.

Sectional garage doors

One of the most popular garage doors in the US can be seen in nearly every fourth house. They have different sections that connect to form a panel. A high-tension spring and cables roll up to hold the door to varying levels as per requirement. They are convenient, low-maintenance, durable, and come in a variety of colors.

Roll-up garage doors

These are a preferred choice for commercial buildings because they can withstand pressure, and they do not rust or corrode quickly. They have a no-frills design and are used in areas with insufficient cleaning space. They are extremely popular among warehouses and storage units.

Side-to-side garage doors

These doors have a unique and flexible design that allows them to bend to the sidewall adjacent to the door. They move seamlessly along the slight slopes on the wall or ceiling. The built-in motor eliminates the need for a ceiling mount motor and balance springs.

Side-hinged garage doors

These are old-fashioned and look like an old wooden barn door. These doors are attached to the walls through hinges, which explains their name. Nowadays, you can also find hinged doors made of steel, which are durable, sturdy, and require minimal maintenance.

Canopy garage doors

They are also known as tilt-up garage doors as they open up in a tilting direction. They are made with one solid piece of metal, with pivoting hinges attached, which let them tilt into the garage and become parallel with the ceiling. They also extend outside the canopy. 

Retractable garage doors

They work on the same tilt-up mechanism as canopy garage doors, but unlike them, they do not extend outside as they are not attached to the frame. Therefore, they need more space and are costlier compared to other garage doors.

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