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This the first part of our in-depth look at Garage Door Installations. Here at Unique Garage Door Services we have a strong belief that an informed customer is a grateful customer. What better way to show that we are a great service than by providing the very same information that we possess. While we do believe that it is better to hire professionals for garage door repair, we enjoy outlining the steps and the specific parts so you may better understand what we do.

What is a Torsion Spring?

Garage Door Installation Torsion SpringsA torsion spring is a highly pressurized spring that is used to create leverage between two different parts. Simple right? You’ve seen torsion springs all of your life, mouse traps are torsion springs on the simplest scale. In between two points, the bare wood and the plate with cheese is a strong band of wound metal. The counter weight is the plate with cheese when you add more weight than the cheese is worth, then it sets off the torsion spring and launches the band of metal back toward the cheese.

A torsion spring works between the anchored section of the garage ceiling and the opening of the garage itself. For those repairing garage doors, this is the horror story that is passed around when you are younger. If that tiny amount of pressure is enough to break a finger on the mouse trap, imagine the pounds of pressure employed to open a large garage door.

But don’t worry. Garage Doors have come a long way from the dangers that used to happen in the seventies. Now there are fail safes for unwinding bands of torsion springs. Now they will shoot down and away from where any person operating it would be standing.

Garage Door Repair and Professionals

Accidents still happen, people make mistakes when performing tasks for their first times. But the facts are simple. When you are repairing a garage door, hire a professional. In the end, you will know that it is up to safety regulations. Here at Unique Garage Door Services, we specialize in garage door installation and repair and are always able to be cont

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