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Garage doors provide safety and convenience, but they require more attention and maintenance because they are more intensely and frequently used than the other doors in your home.

We avoid regular and preventive maintenance of garage doors, primarily because of the cost associated with it. Even when we want to maintain them, we try the DIY way. But we shouldn’t. It takes time, is dangerous, and requires expertise. 

Here, we share a few maintenance, installation, and tune-up tips for garage doors to help you keep them in excellent condition. 

Tips for garage door installation

Trying to install the garage door yourself can be dangerous. Things can go wrong and even result in an accident, injury, or loss of money, making the task strenuous and painful. Because you lack the expertise and the know-how, you may put your and others’ lives at risk. You also risk making wrong/unnecessary fixes and ending up wasting your precious time and money. Moreover, it would help if you had the right tools for safe installation and repair. Therefore, it’s wiser to hire a trained technician to install your garage door. 

Tips for repair and maintenance

Inspect the door

Carefully inspect your garage door every once in a while. Check if it is opening smoothly or making any noises because of friction. If you notice any issues, try to find their source. If there is an issue with the springs, call for professional garage door repair in North Miami. If something is stuck in the door, remove it immediately, and clean the gaps properly.

Clean and lubricate regularly

To prevent damage because of exposure to weather conditions such as rain, snow, and sunlight, add lubricants like lithium grease to all your garage door’s parts, including springs and rollers. If your garage door is frozen, check if something is stuck in it. Remove it and then open and close your door to check if the issue is resolved. If not, call a professional for repairs.

Maintain distance

Don’t place anything too close to the door. When you open or close the door, it should have free space to move smoothly with no obstruction. So, maintain a fair distance between your door and anything else you keep in your garage, even if it’s your car.

Check the auto-reverse function

Usually, modern garage doors have an auto-reverse function to help prevent damage or accidents. To test it, you need to put a brick on the floor before you close the door. If the door goes touching the brick when coming down, it means the auto-reverse function is not working correctly, but if the door stops before touching the brick, it’s working fine. 

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