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Garage door sensors are photoelectric sensors that stop your garage door from opening or closing when something is in the way. They are a must-have safety feature that ensures your child’s and vehicle’s safety. It is also a legal requirement mandated by the US federal law UL 325. Therefore, your garage door needs to have sensors.

Installation and working

These sensors shoot a beam of infrared light at your garage door’s entrance to sense any obstruction. If the rays hit anything, the door won’t open. They are usually fitted 4 to 5 inches above the door. Nowadays, they come with remote controls so you can open them even from your car.


  • Safety of your kids: If you have children at home, a garage door sensor ensures that the garage door does not close when they are near it. It minimizes the risk to a great extent, as a 500-600 pound gate can hurt them severely if kids come in the way.
  • Safety of your vehicles: Sometimes, people cannot gauge the distance between the door and the car correctly. And if you close or open your car door when it’s touching the garage door, your vehicle will get scratches and dents. A safety sensor helps avoid such issues.

Common problems

Like garage doors, safety sensors also require timely maintenance to function correctly. Here are some of the most common problems that you may face with garage door sensors.

  • Dirt and dust: Garage door sensors stop working when dust or mud builds up on the infrared beam emitter or the receiving sensor. You can solve this issue easily by cleaning the lens with a paper towel and cleaner frequently. 
  • Alignment: Another common problem with garage door sensors is the lack of alignment. It happens because the vibration in the doors moves the sensors to the side. You can fix this by adjusting the sensor’s position with a screwdriver.
  • Sunlight: If sunlight directly hits the receiver, it can stop working as the system will believe the infrared beam is not functioning. To resolve this issue, place the sensor in an area that does not get direct sunlight.

Signs your garage door sensor needs repair or replacement

There are some common signs that you can look for to identify whether your garage door sensors are malfunctioning.

  • The garage door suddenly stops or goes back up without any obstruction.
  • The open or close commands are not working correctly.
  • You can see flashing lights on the sensors or overhead components.

If you notice these signs, call a mechanic to repair or replace your garage door sensors.

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