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Choosing the right garage door for your home is a complicated task. You need to consider several factors such as the material, color, and how it opens, which plays a vital role in its functionality and curb appeal. 

Most homeowners choose either a sliding or a swinging garage door. Here we give you a detailed low-down on both types to help you make an informed choice.

Determining factors

When choosing between swinging gates or sliding gates, the most important factors are the space in your driveway and garage, the price, and ease of movement. Sliding gates are better suited for places with a wide area.

Swing garage doors

Swing out gates open outwards onto your drive and hence are not suitable for small areas. They are a terrible option even for places with heavy snowfall as the snow will block the gate, making it difficult for you to open it from inside. They have a luxurious feel about them and are ideal for milder climates.

Benefits of swing garage doors

  • They are cheaper compared to sliding doors.
  • They will give a rustic feel to your garage’s exterior.
  • You can operate swing gates manually or with remote control as per your convenience.

Disadvantages of swing garage doors

  • They need more space compared to sliding gates.
  • They are not a viable option for properties close to the street as they can block the traffic.
  • They are not functional on steeply sloped properties as they brush against the ground, making screeching sounds and causing dents with time.

Sliding garage doors

You can open these by pushing the gates from side to side. They are suitable for large garages with a small door space, needing little drive space. They are not weatherproof—since they meet at the center, they let wind, rain, and snow inside the garage if not closed properly.

Benefits of sliding garage doors

  • Sliding doors come with wheels and use less space when they open and close, making them a more convenient option.
  • They work well in properties on high slopes.
  • You can open them according to your requirement. If you want to enter the garage to pick tools or something, you can open them halfway, which is impossible with swing doors.

Disadvantages of sliding garage doors

  • They are costly compared to swing doors because of higher installation and mounting costs.
  • There also make more noise compared to swing doors as they have more moving parts.
  • You need to regularly clean the sliding tracks so dirt and debris do not interfere with your gate’s movement.

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