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Though you may not spend a lot of time in your garage, you will more than likely utilize it for storage purposes. With that being the case you want to make sure that it’s inter or is not being affected by the external elements. With spring and summer on their way, we will be facing a drastic change in the form of the weather and temperature. So, this could mean a drastic increase in the chance of unwanted humidity in your garage. High humidity could negatively affect these items by leading to mold and rot of these items.

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Here are some steps you can take to enable a reduction in garage humidity.

  1. Tool Protection– Make sure that until the humidity is under control, you adequately protect your tools from rust. Throw a few packets of silica gel into your toolbox.
  2. Keeping the Water Out– Towel-dry your wet car before closing the garage door. Water that evaporates inside of your garage will raise the humidity levels of the garage.
  3. No More Cardboard– Cardboard leads to mold. If you do use cardboard boxes for storage purposes, you should replace them with plastic tubs.
  4. Proper Ventilation– Aeration can help pull moist air out of your garage. This can be accomplished by a ceiling fan, an exhaust fan, or by just opening a window.
  5. Exterior Drainage– Check the ground around your home to make sure it slopes away from your foundation at least six inches for the first ten linear feet.Detached garages may lack gutters and downspouts. Adding those can be expensive, but they will draw moisture away from the structure and help prevent severe water-related problems, like rotting wood beams.
  6. Add Windows– Consider adding a new garage door with windows or even a skylight. Natural sunlight will help dry out a damp garage.

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