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Your garage door can be a vulnerable place when it comes to your home security. It’s likely filled with your vehicles, tools and other valuable items.

Fortunately, there are many ways to protect your garage door from thieves. We are going to break down the ways that you can improve your garage door security.

Are You Leaving Your Garage Door Open?

It seems like it would go without saying, but a surprising number of homeowners will leave their doors open. Whether it’s deliberate or accidental, it’s essentially letting the whole area know exactly what’s behind your doors. An opportunity to see exactly what you’re dealing with is an open invitation for potential thieves.

It’s such an easy fix that many Homeowners Associations now require residents to keep their doors shut when not in use. Be sure to close your garage door when not in use and apply the appropriate door lock.


Motion-Sensing Lights Protect Your Garage Door from Thieves

Keeping the area in question well-lit is a proven practice for deterring thieves. Installing motion-activated floor lights is a particularly effective tactic. If a would-be thief approaches your garage, they’ll quickly find themselves exposed with bright lights. It helps keep the area out of the dark while smartly conserving energy.

Control Access to Your Garage Windows and Doors

Depending on whether or not your garage is attached to the home, there may be multiple entryways to consider when securing your garage. You’ll want to ensure that high-quality locks are installed on your side doors and windows. Also, include your garage with your home security system wherever possible. This includes alarms and security cameras to alert you to an attempted break-in.

Additionally, complementing your garage with landscape installations can inhibit access to windows. Try to install some thorny plants or shrubs to make it difficult for would-be intruders to focus on those areas.

Keyless Entry and Rolling Codes

Another way to bolster your garage’s security is by doing away with physical keys. Modern sophisticated security systems feature rolling security codes to assist with hack prevention. Your garage door opener’s security app will generate new codes that must be verified each time you enter. As the code is always changing, it makes it difficult if not impossible for intruders to intercept the security code.

Hide Your Valuable Items

Thieves are not likely to bother breaking in if there’s nothing worthwhile to take. Don’t make a habit of leaving pricey tools out on your workbench, or other types of valuables. Take the time to secure your items in drawers or cabinets to keep them out of sight. Alternatively, add some blinds or curtains to cover the windows when you’re not using the garage.

Protect Your Garage with Unique Garage Door Services

Thankfully, Unique Garage Door Services has the know-how to help you secure your garage. We’ve been an industry leader in the business and promise to provide cutting-edge garage door security solutions for your home.

If you’re looking for garage door repair or installation services, give us a call today at (954)-703-4054.

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