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Pompano Beach Garage Door Repair

Pompano Beach Garage Door Repair

Pompano Beach Garage Door RepairFinding a good garage door repair company in Pompano Beach is no easy task. There are so many services performed by garage door repair companies that make it hard to decide which company to go with when you need the services of one of them.  Unique Pompano Beach Garage Door Repair is well known for its garage door repairs and installations. Whether residential, commercial, custom doors or garage door openers, we can fix it all.

Before calling a garage door company in Pompano Beach, try to determine the problem with your garage door before anything. Look online and try to diagnose the problem by looking up what is going on with your garage door (if this does not help, a qualified garage door repair company should be able to solve the problem).

Residential Garage Door Repair

  •  We offer same-day residential garage door repair services:
  • Opening jammed garage doors
  • Setting a garage door back on track
  • Replacing damaged and/or worn out rails
  • Exchanging door opening motors, chains and damaged door panels
  • Servicing garage door openers to make sure they are working efficiently

Commercial Garage Door Repair

  • Vertical, horizontal and curved hangar racks and rail installation
  • Replacements for steel sections and panels
  • Installation of rolling steel and full view aluminum garage doors
  • We offer custom engineered models
  • Installation of both manual and motor operated doors
  • Pompano Beach Garage Door Repair

Commercial garage doorFeel free to call us anytime to have your garage door serviced or repaired. We will be more than happy to answer any questions on thoughts you might have to receive the most assurance. There is not a door that we cannot fix in Pompano Beach, and Unique Garage will be on the way to your location within a matter of minutes, just give us a call at (954) 703-4054!

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