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Palm Spring Garage Door Installation

At Unique Garage Doors, we’re prepared to help you with your every garage door need. This includes repair, replacement, and installation. Below, we’ve divided our garage door installation services into residential and commercial sections.

Palm Spring Garage Doors

Residential Garage Door Installation in Palm Springs

If you’re getting a residential garage door, you’ll want options. Different spaces may require different garage door sizes. Just as importantly, everyone has their own aesthetic preferences. That’s why we offer more than 100 different kinds of doors. These include a variety of different styles, but we also offer insulated garage doors, smart garage doors, and more. If you want to get a better idea of our catalogue, make sure to check out our gallery.

Commercial Garage Door Installation in Palm Springs

If you’re getting a commercial garage door, you need to talk to an expert. This may not seem like an important task, but businesses need to get sturdy garage doors that can withstand much greater use than what you’d find in a home. Different businesses will have different garage doors needs, which we account for with our large variety of garage door sizes and materials.

Custom Garage Door Installation in Palm Springs

If we don’t have what you need? No worries! We offer custom garage door installation for both residential and commercial customers. This means you can give us the specifications you need, and we’ll install the garage door you need.

Need a Garage Door Installed in Palm Springs?

Unique Garage Doors has been helping businesses and residents in the Palm Springs community get garage doors installed, repaired, and replaced for years. Whatever you need, make sure to call us at (561) 299-5509 or contact us online. We offer free estimates to all interested customers. If your garage door simply needs to be fixed, we offer same-day repairs!

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