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Need Garage Door Installation in Coconut Creek?

We are committed to providing the utmost customer satisfaction for our Coconut Creek residents. Unique Garage Door Services offers competitive prices and expert garage door services every time we receive a new job. We want to showcase our skills all over Coconut Creek to prove that our team provides one of the best garage door installation in Coconut Creek.

Garage Door Installation in Coconut CreekOur Garage Door Installation Services In Coconut Creek?

Cable Replacement – This service is dangerous for homeowners to attempt on their own, which is why we recommend calling a professional. Our team will attend the springs first; then we’ll thread the cables to make it easier to slide the pieces together. Our last step is tightening the garage door springs allowing them to move quickly without the risk of snagging or slowing.

Custom Garage Doors – We have over 100 ready-made doors in a stained-wood or painted finish. Details and styles include windows, doors, and a variety of paint colors. We also offer insulation and durable steel-framed doors for extra protection. If you don’t like one of our ready-made doors, we are happy to custom design one for you.

Garage Door Springs – Although many repairs can be done at home, professional handling the springs ensures that you’ll have a handyman that’s ready for anything that pops up. Because the springs work together, we recommend that customers replace both even if only one has a break. We have seen every possible case, and that’s why you should give us a call.

Garage Door Installation in Coconut Creek by unique's technicianUnique Garage Door Services

Our primary goal in providing garage door installation in Coconut Creek is to give our customers a reliable, durable door that also increases curb appeal and showcases their style. For our residents in Coconut Creek, we are available seven days a week to answer any questions you may have about your garage door. Give us a call at (954) 703-4054 for more information about garage door installation in Coconut Creek.

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