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Do you know how to manually open a garage door when the power goes out? The downside to electronic and automatic openers is that power outages can leave you stuck. Or can they?

Unique Garage Door Services wants to explain how to open your garage door manually in the case of emergency. It’s a relatively simple process that you can do by yourself.

Steps to Manually Open a Garage Door

1. Close the Garage Door and Disconnect the Garage Door Opener

Make sure the garage door is completely closed and guide it down if necessary. Once you’ve verified the situation, look for and pull the emergency cord. These exist so that the door can always open even if the garage door opener becomes unresponsive.

The release cord is typically affixed to a red handle disconnects the door from the rail attachments. This effectively places the door in manual mode.

2. Lift the Door and Secure the Cord

You’ll now be able to open the door by lifting it to a raised position. Make sure it is fully raised before letting go. Otherwise, the weight of the door will cause it to come slamming back down to the ground. So long as your track system is aligned and healthy, the door will stay in place.

Make sure to safely secure the emergency cord so that it doesn’t inadvertently get tangled in the tracks or rollers.

3. Close the Door Safely

Just as you did while opening, carefully lower the door until it safely reaches the ground. Be aware that some doors can be heavy, so be safe with your body. The door is still affixed to the track, so you won’t need to burden the complete weight of the door.

Since the system is offline, you’ll also need to manually lock the door by sliding the lock into place once the door lowers. Repeat the last two steps as necessary when you’re ready to open your garage door again.

4. Reconnect the Door When Power Returns

Whenever you’re ready to re-engage, connecting the door is just as easy. Pulling the cord in the opposite direction from before will snap it back into place. Many modern systems also have a switch you can simply press whenever power returns. This will also snap the system back into place. Make sure the door isn’t manually locked before trying to use your automatic garage door opener again.

Get a Battery Backup to Avoid Manually Opening a Garage Door

You can circumvent the need for manually opening the door with a battery backup system. Current garage door openers often retain enough backup for a few more uses. Nonetheless, it’s important to know how to perform a manual open so that your vehicle isn’t locked inside.

If you’re looking to invest in battery backup solutions, or upgrade to a state-of-the-art garage door opener, Unique Garage Door Services is here. We are recognized as leaders in the garage door industry. Our insured, licensed, and bonded technicians can assist with garage doors in emergency situations and assist with any track repair you may need as a result.

For all your garage door needs, give us a call at (954)-703-4054. There’s no other company that cares more about your garage door needs more than we do.

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