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Garage doors have become such an indispensable part of our life and home decor that we don’t even notice them most of the time. But they have made a long journey to reach where they are now. Did you know C G Johnson invented the first overhead garage door in 1921, and the oldest existing garage is in Southport, Lancashire, UK? 

If you want to know more fascinating facts about garage doors, read on. Here we share the five most interesting ones, highlighting their unique history and importance.

Origin of the word garage

The word garage did not exist till 1902. It has originated from the French word ‘garer,’ which means shelter. In earlier times, the place used to store vehicles was called a carriage house as people kept their horse carriages there. Slowly, we moved to motor cars and started calling the area that stored them a garage.

The first smart garage door opener

Liftmaster, one of the best garage door opener manufacturers, introduced the first garage door opener with internet technology in 2014. Their innovative MyQ technology gives Wi-Fi functionality to garage door openers, allowing you to operate your garage door remotely through your mobile or laptop. It also alerts you if anyone tries to open your garage door in your absence.

Some of the biggest companies started in a garage

A garage is the best place to start a small business. Some of the world’s top companies started in garages. The most prominent names include Apple, Disney, Amazon, Harley Davidson, Hewlett-Packard, Nike, and Microsoft. So if you are also thinking about starting your business, setting shop in your garage isn’t such a bad idea. 

Garage doors can increase your house’s resale value

According to a survey published in a remodeling magazine, old garage door replacement with an upscale garage door provides about 71.1% ROI, making it one of the most beneficial home replacements. In another survey conducted by famous manufacturer Clopay and an independent agency, 80% of relators agreed that a new garage door helps sell your home faster. It also increases your home’s selling price by up to 4%.

Garages are getting bigger

In 1915, garages held only one vehicle. However, by 2014, 23% of new one-family houses wanted to park three or more cars in their garage. This means your garage occupies about 45% of your home square footage. Also, a standard garage door takes about six times more space than a front entry door. 

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