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Imagine waking up in the morning, and instead of performing your usual routine, you decide to put on your socks and shoes, then your skinny jeans, and then you take a shower. If that sounded out of the ordinary when you read it, it’s because it’s complete bonkers. Consistency isn’t creating a habit and then breaking it, it’s keeping up with routine in any circumstance.

Similar to that, steps for garage door installation must be approached in the same manner and completed in chronological order to assure that they are done the first time correctly.


Some areas need to be addressed before the initial installation begins. Measuring height and width of the entrance of the garage door and prompting about any specifications is what we tackle first, usually. Inquiring about color and style preference and modifications like insulation that you would like made are what we need before we get started. Then we order the materials and set a time and date to start the installation.


Step 1 – Confirmation of the materials you ordered is obligatory. If we arrive with the wrong materials without confirmation, it will result in a waste of time. From there, we take about half an hour to disassemble the current garage door and clear it out to make space for a shiny, brand-new one to adorn your property.

Step 2 – The railings for the door must be attached first then panels can be placed. The panels will be set from bottom to top, and it’s crucial that they are confirmed level before proceeding to the next one.

Step 3 – The springs will be attached accordingly. Of course, they require a certain level of tension and the cables will be connected to the pulleys to lift the door. To check if the springs have the right amount of stress, manually life your garage door and if it stays up without holding it, then you have more than enough tension on the springs.

Step 4 – Although the substantial work is done, the job is never completed until a full inspection is done. We will double check that we finished everything correctly to avoid coming back for a second time. Making sure the seal is done correctly, the springs have the right amount of tension, and everything is functioning are amongst our inspection points.Coral Springs Garage Door

Unique Garage Door Services has trained technicians that can complete this process with their eyes closed. Although that’s not preferable, you know what we mean. Don’t delay calling us; experience our phenomenal customer service and get your

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