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Hurricanes vs Garage Doors

Hurricanes have been known to do some serious damage and one of the most known places for a house to have damage is through the garage doors. The garage door is usually the biggest opening on a house, which is why it is vital to take in account how durable the garage door will be during a storm with strong winds. It is recommended that any homeowner should inspect their garage door and make a wise decision on any newly purchased garage door that can withstand strong winds. This is very important for the safety and security of anyone’s home and family within.

If you’ve never experienced a strong windstorm or a hurricane before, the damage can be quite devastating. Could you imagine being inside your home thinking you were safe and all of a sudden your garage door was knocked down? What would be your next instantaneous move? Especially if winds are so strong that you can barely move, but the worse would be more damage coming inside of your home, causing more stress than you would ever think of. Then when the storm is over and you have an exposed house, animals and God knows whatever burglars might be in the area, can prevent all safety and security from properly being demonstrated. These are important factors to take into account to provide safety for anyone.

To prevent the chaos effect of a garage door being overruled by a windstorm or a hurricane, one should check city building codes for wind resistance requirements, purchase and install either a hurricane-proof or impact-resistant garage door, and install a bracing kit designed for garage doors. Mother Nature can be dangerous at any given time, but being prepared can save you in the long run and you should always keep wind resistance in mind when inspecting or buying garage doors.

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