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Does your garage door reverse on its own after you have opened or closed it? If so, then it’s an issue that you must treat seriously. An open garage door isn’t just frustrating. It also compromises the security of the house.

Unfortunately, the problem is not uncommon, and many garage owners in Florida face it. Below you will learn more about the cause of this issue. We hope the information helps you resolve the issue.

#1: Adjust The Down Travel

Garage doors travel a fixed distance before they close. This distance is programmed into the sensors. However, external influences can cause the garage door to expand or contract. This means that when it closes, it doesn’t travel the distance programmed into the sensor. The sensor sees this as an anomaly or safety risk and reopens the garage door. 

You can solve this issue by adjusting the ‘down travel’ setting to the new distance. 

#2: Adjust The Limit Switch

The limit switch’s function is to tell the garage door motor when to stop running, both when the door moves up and when the door moves down. Typically, a garage door opens by itself when the down-close switch is wrong. 

Unlike proximity sensors, limit switches are contact sensors. Fixing them requires mechanical adjustments, which means you should have good knowledge about how limit switches work and operate. If you do not, it is wise to call a professional repair service. 

#3: Replace The Logic Board

The logic board is where the brain of the garage door resides. Over time, the logic board can develop unexplained errors. These errors may be the reason why your garage door reverses even after you have closed it. You might also experience the opposite-the garage door may close itself automatically after you have opened it. 

You should seek professional help for faulty logic boards. These boards have many intricate components that are hard to get your head around if you are not familiar with their internal workings. 

Before You Pick Up Your Phone and Seek Professional Help

Sometimes the garage door may reverse direction owing to some obstruction in its path. So before you call the repair service, it’s always wise to confirm that there are no obstacles in the garage doors’ natural path. 

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