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We all want our homes to look the best they possibly can. The right exterior design can make a home appealing to anyone who passes by.

So when picking the color for garage doors, it’s a mistake to settle for anything less than perfect. Garage doors are like the final strokes in a painting. Without the right garage doors, our homes look less appealing and incomplete.

It’s important that garage doors perfectly match the home’s design and look. And the first step is picking the right color. Here’s how you can do that.

#1. Pick a color that blends in with the surroundings

If you have no particular color in mind, it’s best to stick to one that doesn’t detract the house’s overall appeal and surroundings. Sometimes we tend to overthink our options, which makes the decision more difficult. That’s why experts always suggest neutral colors.

If you want your visitors to appreciate the beautiful garden in front of your house or the mesmerizing front porch design, then it’s wise to pick neutral colors that won’t be distracting.

#2. Take cues from the home’s exterior

Look for colors that match your home exterior features such as the front door, shutters, exterior cladding, roofing shingles, etc. This will help you avoid colors that are too strong and loud, or colors that clash with the rest of the home.

If this strategy doesn’t lead you anywhere, settling with something in line with your home’s primary paint (i.e. main color) is always a safe choice.

#3. Determine whether your garage should be painted a light color or a dark color

Even if the garage door is the centerpiece of your home’s exterior appeal, it doesn’t necessitate a bold color. Nobody prefers exterior colors that are an immediate attention grabber. Instead, the paint must be easy to the eye and yet compel the viewer to express a ‘wow.’

High heat absorption capacity is another important reason to stay away from dark paints. Dark colors reflect very little and absorb the majority of the sunlight. The intense heat can considerably reduce the paint’s lifetime and leave the garage door exposed to wear and tear. You might have to repaint it as well frequently.

You can go for bold paints only if your home is painted in dark or intense color. However, you should still go for slightly lighter shades that complement your home’s dark and bold exterior.

Looking for a Smart and Appealing Garage in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

Our team hopes that this small guide will help you pick the right color for your garage door. In case you don’t find one, there is no reason to despair or worry. You can always contact us for a professional opinion.

Whether you have additional questions you’d like to ask us or want a free estimate on your garage door needs, we are always ready to help. Contact us now by calling (954) 703-4054. We’re always happy to help interested home and business owners with their garage door needs.

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