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Glass garage doors are a surprising and modern take on garage door material. However, is having a door with glass panels a good idea?

While visually pleasing, there’s far more to consider when using glass instead of other types of garage doors. We’re going to break down the advantages and disadvantages of glass garage doors, as well as other ways you might use them.

Pros and Cons of Glass Garage Doors


Curb Appeal

Glass garage doors definitely highlight your home. They pose a stark contrast to other typical steel or aluminum doors that you’ll find in your neighborhood. The sleek, shiny design gives a very modern, upscale look to your property.

Natural Lighting

You’ll certainly cut down on lighting costs with glass. All daytime activities will be illuminated by natural sunlight. This lighting brings a nice balance for a garage area that is typically dark and filled with artificial light. Natural lighting comes with numerous health benefits, so it’s ideal anywhere you can get it.

Very Low Maintenance

Glass doesn’t run the risk of weathering due to external elements like steel or wood does. You won’t have to worry about applying protective sealants or coats to prevent rusting or rot. There are various types of glass for every purpose, and it’s very easy to clean and maintain.


They’re Not the Most Energy Efficient

Even insulated glass is not as efficient as steel, wood, or aluminum. Depending on your situation, this may or may not make a difference. However, if energy bills are a concern, glass is more likely to allow air flow and cause temperature fluctuation.


While glass is weather-resistant, it’s relatively easy to break by hand. Having a constant full view of what’s going on inside of your garage may prove a temptation for trespassers. You’ll want to consider your area, and how secure you feel your home is. To others, it may be no different than having glass windows. This leads to our next negative.

No Privacy

Even if you’re not concerned about security, you still give up all privacy. Passersby will be able to see who or what is inside your garage at any time. You could invest in some form of obscured or tinted glass to help.

Alternative Glass Garage Door Uses

We don’t only see glass garage doors installed on the garage. Modern homes sometimes feature a glass garage door near the living spaces. This works well on the backside of homes where it’s typically already enclosed and secured. It allows in natural lighting and creates a comfortable connection between the inside and outside.

Glass in this use is typically very safe. Tempered glass is engineered to stay in place when cracked, so that loose shards don’t scatter and pose a hazard to those in the area.

Glass Garage Doors with Unique Garage Door Services

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