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Garage Maintenance

garage door When it comes to property eyesore, nothing can be more visual than an overused, crumbling garage door. Besides lawn care, it is always obvious when a homeowner does not provide proper garage maintenance. A lack of garage maintenance, your garage will crumble, bend, make weird grinding noise and many other things that will have you hating your garage. After you finally decide to fix up your garage, you can improve its longevity with proper garage care and garage maintenance. Here at Unique Garage Door Service, we would love to share some garage tips with you to keep your garage in its best shape.

Garage Tips 1: Inspect your rollers and replace them in necessary.

Your garage rollers needed to be inspected. It doesn’t matter if your rollers are made of garage door maintenancesteel or nylon; it is recommended that you have them checked out twice a year. That way you are always on top of any issues that may happen or come up. After seven years, it is always recommended that homeowners replace their rollers. If you are advent garage users, you might have to replace your rollers sooner than seven years. All the more important to check your rollers at least twice a year so you aren’t surprised when it comes time to replace them.

Garage Tips 2: Check out the hardware

Another part of garage maintenance is to tighten the hardware that your garage uses. Garages have to roll up and down, often every day. These movements cause vibrations throughout the garage door, which can loosen up all the little hardware in your garage. So it is important to keep an eye on your garage, make sure that all the parts are secured and working as they should be.

Garage Tips 3: Keep your Garage Door as clean as possible.

Check the door itself, just a quick glance every day to make sure that the door is in proper shape. If you have wooden garage doors, check for weather damage such as water, chipping or peeling paint. If you have steel door, check for rust as well. Wash your garage door regular with mild soap. A good suggestion is when you wash your car, add your garage to the routine as well.

Progarage tipsper garage maintenance cannot be stress enough. It helps keep your home in its best shape, keeps you safe because your garage door is sturdy and strong.

If you need more tips and ideas, please contact us with any questions or concerns. We are happy to educate our clients and help them out in Garage Door Repair Services.

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