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For centuries, windowless garage doors have brought glamor and appeal to American homes. However, today garage doors with windows are gaining considerable popularity. What are the pros and cons of each option, and what’s right for your home?

Here’s everything you need to know!

The Pros

1. Natural Sunlight

Ample sunlight and warmth are the most obvious benefits of installing garage doors with windows. If natural light is excellent for your home, then it’s great for your garage too.

Most Americans spend almost 2-3 hours per week in their garage space. They use the space for exercise, recreation, or working on their ideas. Think of how many famous business owners got started in their garage!

Windows let sunlight in, which in turn makes the space fun and conducive to work.

2. Customizable

Garage doors can transform the entire look and appeal of a house.

A garage door with windows brings a fresh visual appeal, breaking away from the monotonous pattern of long solid panels. You can choose from a variety of shapes, styles, and patterns to give your home a unique look.

The Cons

1.Privacy Concerns

It’s not always possible to keep your garage always clean and organized. If you’re like most people, there will be days or weeks when the garage gets far too messy.

With windows on your garage doors, there is always a possibility of passersby or visitors getting a sneak peek into what’s inside.However, this is only a concern with windows that are built at eye level.

2. Heavy on Your Pockets

Garage windows require additional materials and labor. This means you might have to pay a little more for garage doors with windows.

That said, many homeowners opt for garage doors with windows because it’s one of the least expensive home improvement projects that you can take on.

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