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Though a garage door is durable and made to last, there are times when its integrity is questionable. For instance, damage caused by projectiles, springs wearing out, or tracks coming undone. Many significant and minor issues can afflict your garage door. One thing that we tend to overlook is the actual door itself, and what can happen to it merely from exposure to the elements. Let us take a look at bowing, garage door warping, and what can be done to counteract these issues

garage door repair in aventuraWhat is Bowing?

This is when your garage door bows out, causing you to be unable to accurately and safely close your door. This is mostly brought on by exposure to the elements, and the fluctuations of the temperature. These sudden or drastic changes in the temperature from hot to cold can cause a rapid expanse. Decompression effect can happen with your door. Wooden garage doors are more likely to bow because of this reason.

The weight of the door may also have a role to play in this problem, like this, in conjunction with an automatic garage door attached at the center of the door can lead to added pressure on the top of the door. This pressure leads to the malleable nature of aluminum and wood to bend with this constant compression.

garage doors in belle gladeHow to Fix it

The initial thought could be to replace it. This could save you time and effort that may not be able to be so merely solved as trying to push it back into place. This is the case if your entire garage door has started to warp, or has already gotten to the point where you can no longer open and close your door.

However, if you can catch this warping early enough, you may be able to counteract the warping by installing a strut. This strut will give more support to the overall integrity of the structure.

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