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Whether you’re looking to construct a new garage or renovate an old one, you need a guide to garage door sizes. You’ll need to assess what the garage will be used for, if you want a standard garage door or custom one, and the size of the rough opening.

We’re going to take a look at the standard sizes of garage doors by vehicle type, as well as the different garage door styles for each.

Garage Door Sizes – Standard Vehicles

An average four-wheel vehicle is between 6 and 6.5 feet wide. The height is just under 5 feet. These are the primary dimensions you’re working with when determining the rough opening you need for your garage.

These standard-sized vehicles benefit from a single garage door, which tend to be 8-10 feet by 7 feet. These car garages will accommodate compact cars, sedans, small pickup trucks, vans, and smaller utility vehicles.

Double Garage Doors – Large Vehicles

For larger vehicles that need the extra space such as hauling trucks, double garage doors are the way to go. It’s also ideal if you need to store more than one vehicle in the same building. The height generally stays the same, but the standard width increases significantly. You can expect double doors to be 12 feet, 16 feet, 18 feet, or even 20 feet wide by 7 feet.

What About a Recreational Vehicle?

Normally, a vehicle as wide as an RV would fit in a double garage door. However, an RV stands much taller than the other vehicles previously mentioned. These vehicles on average tend to be up to 16 feet tall. That’s on the tallest end, so your specialty garage door will need to be 16-18 feet to accommodate depending on actual height.

How to Measure the Garage and Rough Opening

As discussed, the primary areas concerning garage door size is the height and width of the opening. You’ll measure end to end as well as floor to the top of the opening.

However, your work can’t stop there. You also need to account for the fact that your door and the frame need space to exist once raised inside of the garage. Go inside and measure the space from the top of the opening to the actual ceiling. Additionally, measure wall to wall inside as well as how deep your garage is from one end to the other.

Unique Garage Door Services for All Garage Door Sizes

Regardless of what garage door you need, Unique Garage Door Services can assist. We handle garage door installation for residences, commercial businesses, and more. If you have a specialized need for any reason, we also assist with custom garage door services.

Our experts will be able to assess your current garage situation and offer recommendations. We’ll measure the opening, suggest possibilities for expansion, and install a quality door that’s right for your needs. Contact us today at (954)-703-4054 to schedule an appointment for your earliest convenience!

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