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Garage Door Repair

Garage door repair is part of proper maintenance and upkeep. Like we covered last week with the torsion springs, there are a lot of moving parts to acknowledge. This week we are going to focus on tracks and wheels. Tracks and wheels are the moving parts of any good garage door.Delray Beach garage door installation They are also the most called about the part that needs to be replaced so we are going to talk about each one and then how you can keep them well maintained.

Tracks and Wheels

Tracks are the metallic, squared tubes that are the structure that holds the garage door. Usually formed in steel but can also be aluminum, these pieces are the road that the garage door drives on. There are regularly and accidentally dented or bent either from the accidental use or bored children. These can temporarily be repaired with a couple of well-placed hammer strikes, but if the problem persists the track will need to be replaced. There are beginning to be modular installations to help make it easier to replace sections, but the overhead makes it almost as expensive.

Wheels are the vehicle that leads the door through the tracks. These are much easier to deal with this, even if they need it less. The fact is that most wheels are built thick and to last and the occasional dent in them is not going to affect effectiveness the same way. You are much better off with a broken wheel than a broken track because the wheel is inexpensive and easy to fix.

The two of these together form the method of movement necessary to lift the door.IMG_0548 The motor in the center powers the chains and springs which lift the door. If the motor was powerful it could simply lift the door, but it’s much more efficient and good on the motor to have the track and wheels.

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