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Did you know the USA records over 12,000 garage door injuries every year? Another study reveals that unsecured garage doors account for nearly 50% of the total residential burglaries. A well-maintained garage door is an asset for your entire family. It improves your home’s safety, security, and value.

As you can see, there are several good reasons to get your garage door repaired on time. If you’re wondering whether or not it’s time to get your garage door repaired, there are many signs to look out for.

1. Your Garage Door Gets Jammed Too Often

Stuck or jammed garage doors are frustrating. At times the garage door may take too long to disengage, and at other times one may have to lift the door manually to get the car out.

Jammed garage doors can easily cause you to run late to meetings, school, or simply hanging out with friends. But this doesn’t have to be a recurring issue if you get your garage door checked and repaired on time.

2. Your Garage Door is Out of Balance

Does your garage door feel saggy when you run it up about halfway and let go? Does it no longer close evenly?

These are clear signs that your garage door is out of balance. In most cases, the issue is related to the springs. In other cases, there might be issues with alignment, which necessitates immediate repair.

3. Your Garage Door is Noisy

A noisy garage door is a warning that you must get it checked and repaired immediately. Sometimes there is no apparent reason behind the noise, but that doesn’t mean that the noise will disappear by itself. At times the issue may be from damage to a crucial part or component.

If you wait or ignore too long, the damage could balloon into a hefty repair cost. So the earlier you get the issue checked, the less you have to spend in the long run.

4. Your Garage Door Opens Very Slowly

Generally, components such as rollers, hinges, and tracks lose their lubrication over time. In most situations, the response time should return to normal once you lubricate the parts thoroughly. However, if there is still no improvement, you should seek help from a professional repair service.

5. Your Garage Door Shakes As It Opens

Last but by no means least, if your garage door appears to shake while opening or closing, it’s never wise to keep ignoring it. Most probably, the pulleys or the tracks are damaged and require lubrication.

Whatever the reason, it is not wise to avoid garage door maintenance and repairs. A weak or shaky garage door can be an invitation to an accident. Whenever you find that your garage door is shaking too often, get in touch with a professional team of Garage Door Repair Aventura at the earliest.

Get Your Garage Door Repaired by Expert Professionals

Do you feel that your garage door needs a health check-up? At Unique Garage Door Services, we’re prepared to help you regardless of your garage door size. We’ve been in this business for a long time, which means you can rest easy with the knowledge that whatever problem you’re dealing with, we’ve probably seen it before.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us now by calling (954) 703-4054. We’re always happy to help interested home- and business owners.

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