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There are two major garage door issues that we deal with regularly at Unique Garage Doors: mechanical malfunctions and aesthetic issues. It is of course important to get a door repaired or replaced if it isn’t working properly. However, curb appeal is important for many homeowners, too: it can be frustrating to see a scratched or dented garage door every time you pull into your home.

What if you don’t need to replace the entire door? What if it’s only part of the door that’s causing you problems? In this article, you’ll learn when it’s cost effective to replace the damaged panel, instead of replacing the entire door.

Can Dents in Garage Doors be Repaired?

Oftentimes, you don’t need to replace the panel: if it’s simply dented, you should be able to pop the dent. This is similar to how you would pop the dent on a car.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Panel on a Garage Door?

How much it costs to replace a section of the door will vary based on its model. As a rule, it often makes sense to replace a single garage door panel if you can. Once multiple panels are broken, it’s best to consult with a professional to determine what your most cost-effective solution is.

Even if you’re able to get the panels fixed at a lower price than it would cost to replace the door, you have to take potential future problems into account. If the door is old, how much longer is it going to be usable? As well, are the problems with the garage door panels just cosmetic, or is there an underlying structural problem that needs to be taken into account?

What if the Garage Door is No Longer Made?

Garage door panels are rarely interchangeable between different manufacturers and model types. If the model of the door is no longer being made, you probably won’t be able to get the extra panel that you need for a replacement. There are a few major exceptions to this rule: if you bought extra panels with the door, for instance, these can obviously be used as replacements.

If you’re unsure whether or not your garage door is still being made, you should be able to find the name of the manufacturer on the serial number sticker. Garage doors that are more than 15 years old are less likely to still be in production.

Need Garage Door Panel Replacement in South Florida?

For years, Unique Garage Door Services has been helping South Florida residents change their garage door panels, program their garage door openers, replace the doors entirely, and more. We work on both residential and commercial garages. As well, we can help you if you’re having problems with a box car truck.

On our website, you’ll find more information about garage door panel replacement. If you want to speak with a professional, please don’t hesitate to call us today at (954) 703-4054.

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