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Your garage door is the largest moving part of your home. With it constantly opening and closing every day, it’s subject to regular wear and tear.

You can stay ahead of major garage door repair issues by performing this garage door maintenance checklist. Ensuring that your garage door is visually inspected and maintained will keep it functioning for longer.

Your Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

Inspect and Tighten Moving Parts

With how often your garage door opens and vibrates, all of the hardware is vulnerable to loosening. Loose parts can place undue stress on the system which leads to parts breaking or the door coming off balance.

Regularly take the time to examine all of the brackets and bolts that hold everything together. Tighten anything that needs it and ensure that everything moves and works properly.

Lubricate Those Same Moving Parts

Regularly lubricating the rollers, chains, and screws keeps the garage door operating smoothly. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes and can help mitigate wear and tear as well as rusting. You can use oil on metal but be sure that it doesn’t interact with nylon rollers. For those, stick to lubricating the bearings.

Examine Garage Door Cables

Your garage door cables carry a lot of tension, making them a major safety risk to mess with if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, if you notice that there are any broken parts or damage, be sure to call the professionals at Unique Garage Door Services immediately. Sufficient damages to the cables may require an overhaul of the system.

Inspect Your Rollers and Replace When Necessary

You should inspect your rollers at least twice every year. With proper maintenance, they should last many years. However, if you notice any damage or cracking, they need to be replaced immediately. Otherwise, your garage door will shake more, be uneven, and risk falling out of alignment.

Maintain the Door Itself

Your garage door will likely show signs of wear caused by time and nature. The type of maintenance will vary depending upon what type of material your door is made up of. You’ll want to do what you can to rid metal doors of rust, followed by a cleaning and sealing. Wood doors should also be examined for water damage.

Not only does maintaining your door keep it visually appealing to you and your neighbors but ensures that it maintains quality and security of function.

Regularly Replace Weather Stripping

It’s always a good idea to apply weather stripping to all of the doors leading into your garage. These weather seals ensure that temperature remains regulated between the outside and inside of your home. With time, these seals became cracked and brittle, and need replacements. It’s a fairly easy thing to purchase, cut, and apply to your doors.

Garage Door Repairs and Maintenance with Unique Garage Door Services

For assistance with your garage door inspection and maintenance, call on us at Unique Garage Door Services. We have a professional, expert touch that will guarantee a long-lasting and quality garage door. We’ll look for signs of damage and assist with any necessary repairs to get your home back in working order.

To schedule a repair or get more information, give Unique Garage Door Services a call at (954)-703-4054.

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