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Your garage is something you need to consider when acquiring a homeowners insurance plan. It is, after all, another important part of your home. Whether or not your homeowners insurance covers the damage can vary by company and particular policy. Fortunately, your average insurance carrier will cover the cost of various repairs.

Insurance Covers Environmental Damages

Your garage door can suffer significant damage from natural disasters or storms. Hurricanes and tornadoes that cause denting or breaking from winds, debris, other factors generally see coverage. However, damages from occurrences like floods usually require special coverage. If you have concerns regarding specific events, check to see if your insurance policy will cover it.

Automotive Damages

Damages caused by vehicles is generally dependent on who caused them. While this varies by home insurance company and policy, damages caused by third parties will usually see coverage. Before consulting your provider, file a claim with the guilty party’s auto insurance. So long as they carry liability insurance, they will need to cover the cost of repairs for damages to your garage door.

When you or a family member inadvertently causes damage, you may be responsible for getting the garage door repaired. If you’re fortunate, your homeowner’s insurance will cover accidental damages, but many companies do not.

Vandalism or Defacement of Property

Insurance companies are generally understanding of damages caused by harmful intent. If your door faces damages such as graffiti, punctures, glass breaks, or other damages that are proven to be caused by criminal activity. In these unfortunate circumstances, a quality insurance company will cover the costs of getting your garage door repaired.

General Wear and Tear

This is the one area where you will likely be responsible for your own garage door repair. Cosmetic damages caused by aging or use are generally not covered. If your door opener stops working or you need general assistance with garage door track replacement or garage door dent repair, you can call on Unique Garage Door Services directly.

Stay Informed as to What Your Insurance Covers

As with all things, no guide is completely foolproof. Different homeowner insurance companies have various as to why they do or do not employ certain coverages. If you find yourself concerned that your garage door is at risk for certain damages, consult with your provider. Use this article as a guide to help you determine if you need to revise your policy or purchase a new one. Make sure, in the case of third-party involvement, that their car insurance will cover what they are responsible for.

Have Your Insurance Company Call Unique Garage Door Services

Regardless of the cause, let your insurance company know that you want repairs done by Unique Garage Door Services. We are happy to work with homeowner and automotive insurance companies to cover the costs of any damages. In any case that insurance won’t cover it, we offer fair and affordable rates for all of our services directly to you. Call us today at (954)-703-4054 for a free estimate.

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