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insulated garage door

The garage serves many functions from keeping your car safe and protected from the elements. It’s often a storage place for many families or a separate space to store tools. With so many functions, it leaves to wonder why people don’t consider the décor of their garage door. Garages are often dreary, cold, and noises from the street can be heard from the inside of the garage room. The garage doesn’t have to be a cold freezer box. You have options to uplift the look but enjoy new benefits such as even temperature, a quieter experience, and even a lower energy bill. To get all these benefits, consider an insulated garage door. An insulated garage can give you all these benefits and improve your garage experience, making it a more enjoyable place for you and your family. It’s also an inexpensive process with so many advantages that you would be remiss to pass this up.

We recommend that you call a garage door professional such as Unique Garage Door Services to install your garage door insulation correctly. When it comes to garage door insulation, the new insulation adds more weight to the garage door. While the weight may not be a problem for 9-foot doors, it can put more strain on the opening mechanism. Your spring tension may need to be adjusted and done by professionals such as Unique Garage Door Services, or you may risk injury to yourself or anyone around you.

Different Types of Garage Door Insulationgarage door insulation

Any insulation you choose for your garage door will increase the energy efficiency in your home. However there are some popular types such as:

  • Reflective Insulation: This kind of insulation can come in rolls of rigid boards with a reflective aluminum applied to sides. This insulation reflects heat, which might be a good option for garages that heat up significantly in the summer.
  • Batt Insulation: Usually made of fiberglass. It is flexible, and you can find them stuffed between exterior walls
  • Foam Board Insulation: These are solid panels made of polystyrene. This provides high insulating value with very little thickness.

What is most important is to find the right garage door insulation that works with your garage door, it is easy to install and lastly, fits your climate needs.

Different Garage Door Types might need Different Garage Door Insulation

  • Steel Garage Door: These doors are most accommodating. You can install the insulation within and around the frames of the panels if you decide to use fiberglass. If you go with the others, then cut the boards to shape and squeeze them into the frames.
  • Wood Frame and Panel Doors: Cut rigid insulation and fit them between the doorframe. It is recommended to install two layers of foam board.
  • Flat Garage Doors: The best kinds of insulation are the foam boards or reflective insulation. You can use tape or glue to install them onto your garage door.

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