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Several situations may call for a new garage door installation. A damaged door may need replacement, or you may want to install a new garage door to enhance your house’s curb appeal and resale value. 

Whatever your reason, here we give you a low-down on the seven most frequently asked questions to help you make an informed choice.

How much does it cost?

Installation and maintenance cost is an essential factor in choosing a new garage door. The cost will depend on whether your old door needs replacement, what additional accessories need to be installed, and the door type. You must inform the dealer of all your requirements and ask for an estimate.

When should I replace a garage door?

  • If your old garage door is jammed and requires frequent maintenance, it’s probably time to replace it.
  • You should install a new door when the existing door has exceeded the manufacturer-recommended lifespan.
  • You may also want to install a new door as part of scheduled home renovations to improve your home’s market value. 

Do I need a lock on my garage door?

Electric or automatic garage doors do not require a lock. However, you must secure old-style manually-operated doors with a sturdy lock. 

Which type of spring is better?

Usually, two types of springs are used in garage doors—an extension spring and a torsion spring. Extension springs are attached to either side of the door, while torsion springs are fitted above the door. For safety and convenience, torsion springs are better as they balance the weight and allow smooth movement.

What is the R-value of a garage door?

R-value is a measure of thermal resistance to heat flow. A higher R-value lends better insulation to your garage door. An R-16 value doesn’t offer twice the insulation of an R-8. The difference in effective insulation is only 5%. Even minimal R-values provide some degree of insulation.

Are insulated garage doors better than standard garage doors?

If your garage door is attached to your home, an uninsulated garage door can lower the temperature inside your house, which can increase energy consumption. With an insulated garage door, you can safely store perishable goods inside. 

Can you repair a particular section without replacing the whole door?

It is possible to replace a specific section instead of replacing the entire door. However, you should call a professional to help you evaluate what needs to be done. 

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