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Is a recent mishap causing you to consider options for garage door dent repair? Accidental bumps, impact from your vehicle, or faulty garage door openers can lead to unexpected denting. Not only is this an eyesore that can damage your home’s curbside value, but it can also potentially open up risks for further structural damage or corrosion. Here’s a quick guide on assessing the damage and some possible solutions for handling it.

DIY Garage Door Dent Repair

Many dents, particularly small ones that easily pop back into place, require some home tools and a little know-how. Knowing what’s necessary and the procedure for handling it largely depends on the material comprising your door. While doors can come in a variety of materials such as wood, vinyl, and fiberglass, it is aluminum and steel doors that are most vulnerable to denting and corrosion.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Experts recommend a straightforward fix for this type of garage door. You’ll want to give the affected area a thorough cleaning, especially if it has muck left behind from whatever caused the denting. It will remove any substances that tend to lead to further damages.

Once the area dries from the cleaning, you’ll want to gather aluminum foil, tape, a form of lighter, and a can of condensed air. Tape the foil over the dented area and then heat it for roughly 60 seconds. Be sure not to let the flame touch the door or foil. The foil will do the work of conducting the heat to the door. Once it is warm, remove the tape and foil and follow up with the cold compressed air. This sequence will cause a reaction in which the door will snap back into its original place. Fortunately, the same characteristics that make aluminum easy to dent are what allow it to fix smoothly.

Steel Garage Doors

Similar to aluminum, you want to take the time to clean and rinse the dent and any damaged edges. However, repairing stainless steel requires a little more elbow grease and finesse to get looking good as new.

Experts recommend acquiring a dent filler compound which you can purchase at most hardware supply stores as well as a putty knife. Additionally, you’ll need sandpaper to help prime the area for repair. After sanding, begin to apply the compound to the dent, using the putty knife to smooth it out as best as possible. After application, complete another sanding of the area to make the surfaces match evenly. Afterward, apply a fresh layer of paint to get everything looking clean and uniform once again.

If these methods prove ineffective or the damages are more severe than a casual dent, you should consult garage door repair professionals. Not only will they be able to handle everything regardless of severity, but they can assess any problems with your garage door and handle any maintenance that might have caused the denting.

Seek Professional Garage Door Dent Repair

If you have garage door repair needs in Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, or Collier County, the industry experts at Unique Garage Door Services have the answers. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff can provide you with free estimates and same-day repairs for all of your garage door damage and maintenance needs. Call (954)-703-4054 to discuss service options and receive your free quote today.



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