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Do you need garage door repairs for a door that’s off track? Do you know what causes a garage door to go off track?

Several occurrences typically cause a door to operate incorrectly. Unique Garage Door Services of Fort Lauderdale wants to break down a few of those instances. In the end, you’ll know exactly where to look if you have an off-track garage door and what to do after.


Do I Need Garage Door Repair?

A garage door that operates incorrectly and doesn’t have proper alignment can cause greater damage. It’s likely a sign that something is already worn or out of place, and continued use will further the damage.

When the door is off the tracks, you won’t be able to open and close the door properly, anyway. To understand how to fix a garage door, you need to identify what caused the track issue.

Low Quality or Dented Tracks

Garage doors are large and heavy. It can weigh anywhere from 150-400 lbs. depending on the material type. Without the proper gauge steel or reinforcements to support this weight, it’s elementary for the tracks to bend over time. A bend anywhere in the track throws off the entire alignment system, causing the door to behave improperly.

A Bracket Came Loose

Sometimes, nuts and bolts can shake loose due to the door opening’s movement and heavy vibration. The more they loosen, the more the issue compounds itself until the track becomes misaligned and rollers come off. Check to make sure everything is properly tightened and not missing any necessary components.

The Lift Cables Broke

The lift cables are responsible for winding and supporting the door on either side. They are engineered to wind up following the track direction. A broken cable typically occurs after some track damage already occurs. The misalignment causes the cable to wind improperly and snap. The door then only has support from one side, which will ruin the entire system.

The Rollers Need to be Replaced

Garage door rollers require maintenance roughly every 3 months. They both support the door and help it move. Regular roller lubrication will prolong their life and keep them operating smoothly.

The lifespan of rollers varies on the material. Steel is a stronger material but runs the risk of rusting and weathering faster. Nylon is a strong and popular material due to its wear-resistance.

A weathered or broken roller creates an improper distribution of weight, which causes wear on the entire track.

You Hit the Garage Door

Accidents happen. It doesn’t take hardly any speed at all to cause enough damage to your garage door to knock it off tracks. Even if you didn’t hit it with your car, any other notable impact could cause damage the track.

Unique Garage Door Services – Garage Door Repair Specialists

If you discover damage to your garage door tracks or garage door opener system, don’t hesitate to contact Unique Garage Door Services. We understand all the moving parts in a garage door opener system, and we promise to make it work properly again in no time.

If you need a garage door repair in Aventura service for a door off the tracks, do not wait. Contact us today at (954)-703-4054 to schedule a prompt visit from Unique Garage Door Services!

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