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Garage Door Repair Dania FL

Residential garage door repairAre you looking for a garage door repair service in Dania, FL, but can’t seem to find the right Yelp review to guide you? Let Unique Garage Door Services take care of any and all your Dania Beach garage door repair needs. Our team is fully equipped to handle both residential garage door repairs and commercial garage door repairs. And should you search for reviews, which you more than likely will, know that we value our customers and have acquired many a good review over the years. We believe that it is our duty to offer you the highest quality repairs and we guarantee total satisfaction.

We offer a range of options for any issues you may be experiencing with your residential garage doors. Our experts work diligently to repair, maintain and install various residential and commercial garage Dania_Beach_sealdoors. Our Dania Beach garage door repair company offers the best solutions for your concerns, and we have a variety of options for garage doors of every size and style.

Residential Garage Door Repair Dania FL

We offer same-day residential garage door repair services:

• Opening jammed garage doors
• Setting a garage door back on track
• Replacing damaged and/or worn out rails
• Exchanging door opening motors, chains and damaged door panels
• Servicing garage door openers to make sure they are working efficiently
• And many more residential garage door repairs and maintenance options

Commercial Garage Door Repair Dania FL

Commercial garage doorWhen it comes to commercial garage doors we offer a wide range of services:

• Vertical, horizontal and curved hangar racks and rail installation
• Replacements for steel sections and panels
• Installation of rolling steel and full view aluminum garage doors
• We offer custom engineered models
• Installation of both manual and motor operated doors
• And we offer a wide range of commercial garage door motors, mechanisms and hardware

Garage Door Repair Dania Beach, FL

Unique Garage Door Services is here to relieve you of the stresses of dealing with a damaged commercial or residential garage door. For any of your questions or concerns, our team is itching for the opportunity to aid you in any way they possibly can. Call 954-703-4054 now for a free quote!

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