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Custom Garage Doors

Custom Garage doors

Custom Garage Doors in Hollywood FL

Styles of ready-made garage doors that we sell are:

  • More than 100 classic carriage house designs in authentic, stained naturally elegant wood finishes or painted in the color of your choice, at very affordable prices
  • Recessed, flush and raised panel doors in a wide variety of styles, with or without windows, finished in stained or varnished natural wood or an infinite variety of durable paint colors
  • Energy efficient, comfort-enhancing polyurethane and polystyrene insulated residential garage door models to help keep your heated or chilled air in and so cut down your utility costs, and
  • Steel framed doors overlaid with natural-looking wood composite for an elegant real wood-look finish and the enhanced impregnability and security of a durable steel core.

Design your Custom Garage Doors with Us

If none of our ready-to-install range appeals to you, our Hollywood FL Custom Garages company can custom design a door to your individual specifications so that it has the look, finish and level of security that you require to complement your residence. Unique Hollywood FL Custom Garage Doors have many years of experience assisting our clients design beautiful residential garage doors that add elegant curb appeal and go on working flawlessly for many trouble-free years. All our doors are guaranteed for 15 or 20 years or for a lifetime. Every one of our custom garage doors are made to order, and every one we create is a unique design. Call Unique Custom Garage Doors today for a custom garage door consultation!

Our Knowledgeable staff has many years of installing, repairing, and servicing garage doors and can determine the your needs and give you honest and informational advice on how to proceed.

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