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Are you looking for methods to childproof your garage door? Unique Garage Door Services has a list of recommendations to help keep your children safe.

Garages can be an active place for young children. It’s likely the place where things like bikes, sports equipment, or even outdoor toys are stored. However, the heaviness of the door can prove harmful or even fatal if an accident occurs.

Here are some things you can do to improve residential garage doors and protect your children.

Childproof Your Garage Door with Auto-Reverse

This is such a valuable feature that most, if not all, automatic garage doors come with it. This gives your garage door opening sensors to detect low movement such as that from small children or pets.

With an auto-reverse mechanism, your door will automatically cease closing if they detect any movement at all. While you should do your best to keep your child away during the open and close process, this will save them from any accidents.

Seal Gaps and Keep Away from Moving Parts

There are many tiny gaps and crevices on and around your moving garage door. An unknowing child playing in the area can easily get a finger stuck in one of these areas, or worse yet, lose a finger if the door moves.

Your garage door repair company can assist with installing rubber seals and stoppers to prevent a child from doing anything unwise. This doesn’t affect the function of the door in any way and keeps everyone safe.

Install Your Garage Door Opener Up High

You can avoid any risk of your children playing with the garage door opener by installing it out of reach of children. High-tech door opener options even come with child-safety lock features to prevent them from opening the door. These locks require the input of a code in order to open or close the door. Both are ideal for homes with young children.

Lock the Doors

Although it’ll be extremely difficult for young children to lift a garage door, stranger things have happened. If a child or multiple children lift the door, they can quickly struggle with the weight and cause an accident resulting in injury.

Eliminate this possibility by ensuring that the door is always locked, or by using one of the smart garage door openers mentioned prior. Some of those openers feature cell phone apps that give you control over door functions no matter where you are.

Childproof Your Garage Door with Unique Garage Door Services

If you need assistance with childproofing your garage door, contact Unique Garage Door Services today. We are industry leaders in the Fort Lauderdale area with the goal of providing you the best, cutting-edge garage door technology. We’ll assist with getting you the right garage door for your family, while keeping it safe for everyone.

If you are in need of garage door repair and installation services, contact us today at (954)-703-4054 for more information.

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