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If your home has the same old garage door opener it’s had for years; chances are, you’ve been a bit neglectful in maintaining it. If you’ve been proactive in handling this as well as your other common garage door problems – great job! Nevertheless, technology never stops moving forward at a rapid pace. If you have garage doors in Delray Beach, Coral Springs, Coral gables garage doors, Jupiter, or anywhere else in South Florida, consider these benefits to having our garage door company handle your door opener and garage door replacement needs.

An Old Garage Door Opener Lacks Safety Features

Older model garage door openers utilize a fixed code that allows your device to communicate with the mechanism. Static passkeys are much easier to compromise. To remain a step ahead of would-be hackers and thieves, upgrade your opener to a newer model. Modern technology comes with revolving codes and a more sophisticated authentication method.

Adapt to Technological Trends

Many modern households are now connected digitally from end-to-end. We have desktop computers, laptops, cell phones, tablets, Alexa, Siri, Google Home, and other tech fads. Many of these devices are programming to allow them to communicate fluidly. Modern garage door solutions can offer ways to monitor and control the door regardless of where you are, provided that you have access to your home system.

Sophisticated Keypad Inputs

While controlling everything via your devices is a significant bonus, you still need a method of locking and unlocking on site. Updated garage door opener systems provide more sophisticated input code solutions. Many even eliminate numerical codes by allowing the owner to register their unique fingerprints as a bypass code.

No More Loud Chain Openers

If you have an older model door opener that operates with a chain drive, you know the familiar loud sound that effectively announces to everyone in the home that the door is opening and closing. Modern openers offer different solutions in the way of belt drives that often market themselves as “whisper-quiet.” These devices are just as capable as their chain counterparts at lifting heavy doors and often use less horsepower to do so.


Another impressive benefit of modern devices is the addition of safety sensors. Many models come with invisible light beams that serve to detect movement as the door is closing. Such a mechanism can ensure safety, particularly if you have small children or pets that stand the risk of running into harm’s way.

Built-In Battery Backup

With everything connected electrically, it can prove frustrating when unexpected power outages prevent you from opening your garage door. While not a long-term solution, these built-in batteries can help with a few quick opening and closings until a regular power source kicks back on.

Say Goodbye to that Old Garage Door Opener

With so many powerful benefits and technological advancements to newer models, it’s time to update your garage door. The professionals at Unique Garage Door Services can assist in installing door openers, garage door track replacement, and garage door cable replacement while outfitting your home with superior garage door brands.

Whether you need residential or commercial garage door repair, contact us today at (954)-703-4054 or at for all of your questions and concerns.

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