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A garage door has many parts, all working in sync for smooth functioning. And one of its essential components is the garage door spring. It is also known as the torsion spring system.

 A garage door spring is one of the most overlooked household items. People pay attention to it only when it gets broken, and they get stuck in the garage with a car. 

To fix this snag, you first need to know how the garage door spring works.

How does the garage door spring work?

A torsion spring has two tightly wound-up springs attached to an iron rod with cable drums on both ends. This system is attached to the garage wall just above the door with three different parts supporting it—a bearing plate in the center, two end bearing plates at both the ends, and a counterbalance cable attached to the springs. When you open the door, these cables rotate. When you raise the garage door, the springs unwind themselves. That is how the torsion spring system helps close and open garage doors.

The lifespan of garage door springs

Garage door springs have a lifespan of 10000 to 15000 cycles, depending upon their make and quality. One cycle is considered complete when you open and close the door. The period associated with the completion of these cycles can be up to three to seven years. The door springs will need replacement after this time. Putting extra weight on your garage door may significantly reduce the lifespan of springs.

Tips for maintaining garage door springs

To keep your garage door springs in excellent condition, conduct monthly inspections. It would help if you also lubricated them regularly for smooth movement. Make sure that there are no issues while opening or closing the garage door. If you find it challenging to keep the door stationary at the highest point, there can be some issue with the door’s balance. To fix this, we advise you to call an expert.

Do all garage doors have springs?

Apart from the old-fashioned hinge doors, garage springs are present in every other garage door. Be it side-to-side doors, canopy doors, or roll-up doors, they all have a torsion spring system. The springs handle their smooth upward, downward, or lateral movements.

Can I replace my garage door springs without professional help?

Due to extensive use, garage door springs need replacement every few years. And people think that they can do it themselves and save money. However, it would be best if you avoided the idea of DIY in this case. Always call for a professional to replace your garage door springs because the equipment is heavy and can injure you or your family members if not handled correctly.

Do both springs need replacement every time?

No, especially if only one is broken. However, if one fails, most probably the other will likely break too. So it is better to replace both the springs at the same time if you have the budget. Springs act as a support system for your garage door. So replace them both to ensure you and your family’s safety.

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