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Box trucks are indispensable in the service industry. Shipping companies use them to transport cargo. Most of these trucks have roll-up doors like the roll-up garage doors with almost similar attachments like springs, rollers, and hinges. These attachments and parts need a lot of care and maintenance to function correctly.

Here we share everything you need to know for the regular upkeep of a box truck roll-up door

Types of box truck roll-up doors

There are two types of roll-up doors: the section roll-up door and the shutter type door. The section roll-up door has several horizontal panels attached to flexible joints rolled into a flat portion of the truck ceiling. Meanwhile, shutter doors have narrow panels that roll up like the spindle of a window blind.

Pros and cons of box truck roll-up doors

Benefits: Roll-up truck doors are safer than their hinged counterparts, as they don’t open easily when the vehicle is moving. They are also convenient. Unlike swing-out doors that need extra parking space, roll-up doors need little space to open.

Downsides: The only problem with roll-up doors is that they need a lot of care. So apart from routine maintenance and regular inspections, you might need occasional professional repairs.

Tips for maintaining your box truck roll-up door

Optimal upkeep and preventive maintenance can take your truck places. You’ll make fewer calls to professionals for repairs, save money, and prevent possible production downtime. Therefore, here we list five things you can do to keep your truck in top shape.  

Clean regularly

Dirt and residue settle on a moving vehicle in no time. It would help if you cleaned it frequently to prevent corrosion and damage to its coating. Regular cleaning is an essential part of preventive care. It will help you keep your truck’s roll-up door in good condition. 

Handle with care

Things last longer when taken care of properly. If the door is stuck, don’t use excessive force to open or close it. If you pull or push it too much, you will damage it further rather than solve the issue. The same goes for all other parts. If you can’t work the problem, call a mechanic to look into it.


Many parts of your box truck’s door need to be lubricated at regular intervals so that the door operates smoothly. Use only a high-quality lubricant as low-quality lubricants can accumulate dust and cause the door to jam.

Inspect frequently 

Despite regular preventive maintenance, a few issues can go unnoticed. To address such problems and prevent emergency repairs, you must call a professional every once in a while.

Secure the latch and cargo

One major problem with roll-up doors is that they can’t be left in an ‘up’ position. Therefore, always keep the door closed and secure it with a latch before driving. Also, ensure that the cargo is packed correctly and doesn’t bang at the door and cause damage.

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