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According to the American Housing Survey, 80% of homes and condos in the US have a garage. On average, these doors are opened up to five times a day, approximately 1,500 times a year.

Most of these garage doors open by rising upward, which can be quite tiring if done manually. Garage door openers are powerful and efficient systems that make your life easier by helping you open and close the garage door swiftly without putting in too much effort.

Here, we give you a low-down on all you need to know about garage door openers. 

What is a garage door opener?

It is a device that opens and closes garage doors through motor control. It has a radio remote control to manage the door movement from a certain distance, depending on the radio range. A garage door opener is attached to the door’s curved arm and is fitted with a Trojan spring system to maintain the door’s weight balance for smooth transitions.

Types of garage door openers

There are four garage door openers—chain drive openers, belt drive openers, screw drive openers, and direct drive openers. They all run either on motors or have a trolley connected to the door. The fundamental difference between them is the driving utility, as some have chains; meanwhile, others have a belt or threaded parts.

Chain drive openers 

In these door openers, the metal chain attached to the trolley lifts and lowered the door. It costs less compared to other garage door openers and is therefore quite popular among homeowners. However, these openers are quite noisy. So people who have a problem with loud, screeching noise should avoid them. They are best suited for people whose garage is far from the main living area.

Belt drive openers

They use a rubber belt instead of a metal chain to move the trolley. Because belt drive garage door openers are made of rubber, they aren’t as noisy as chain drive garage door openers and require little maintenance. Belt drive garage door openers have many advantages and no significant downsides. So if you have the budget, you should opt for them.

Screw drive openers

These have a threaded steel rod that moves the trolley to open or close the door. They have few parts and hence require low maintenance over the years. They are less noisy, they hardly make any vibrations, and are suitable for all types of homes.

Direct drive openers

The least complicated of all garage door openers don’t require a thread chain or a belt. Their motor moves the trolley, making them one of the smoothest options requiring the least maintenance.

Don’t install a garage door opener yourself

DIY is a tempting idea, as it saves money and gives you the satisfaction of doing something by yourself, but don’t try it with garage door opener installation. It’s because a garage door opener weighs around 600 pounds and requires at least two people to move and align it with the door safely. Apart from that, it is precarious, and a single error can lead to a fatal accident. So, the best option is to call a professional to install it.

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